About the Gospel for Africa Mission School

Due to doors being opened to us we started a mission school in 2011 to train men who are from among us and have been proven for the mission field.

We are very selective in who we choose — they must be men from among us who we know, who have been proven, and whose testimonies are right.

Three students qualified in 2011, namely: Thulani Shezi, Theboho Sotane and Samson Matumba. These men are now involved in missions among us. Thulani Shezi and Theboho Sotane having started Churches and Samson Matumba is working in various areas of our missions as we prepare him for returning to Zimbabwe to start Churches over there.

We have been using our Church building for training as we are waiting for a lease agreement from the Ingonyama Trust to be approved so that we can build a facility in Mpophomeni that will be used as a Church, Mission School, Prison Rehabilitation and Integration Centre, as well as a Training Centre for Entrepreneurs.

Once this development has taken place the Mpophomeni Church will use the facility for their Church. The facility will also be used for our Training and Entrepreneurship programme. We also plan to build a workshop for skills development and a computer training centre.

The facility will also accommodate prisoners from our prison Churches and those who have done our correspondence courses in prison that are on parole and have no support structure.

These men will become part of our Mission school and they will get involved with the Mpophomeni Church in the local community as well as be skilled in the workshops or computer training center. They will also have the opportunity to enter our entrepreneurial program.

We have five students training in 2012.

Cost involved: R1,000 per month, per student which includes food, accommodation and training.
Building Fund: R1,000,000
Received: R120,000